7 Ways to Instantly Update Your Home Using Fabric Scraps

All it takes to upgrade your home decor is a couple scraps of fabric (and maybe some Mod Podge), thanks to these incredible decoupage saves from creative Hometalk bloggers.

2-minute read

Tip #1: Add Colorful Scraps to Boring Wooden or Plastic Chairs

Project via Tara @Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body

Make your simple seating look totally designer, with a quick new cover made from your old sewing scraps. Create a set by using the same fabric for every chair, or coordinate matching colors and patterns.

Tip #2: Update Boring Walls With Fabric and Starch

Project via Lesley @Chaotically Creative Co.

Instead of using wallpaper (messy to remove) or painting a design on with a stencil (time-consuming to put up), update your boring walls by sticking up a layer of fabric using liquid starch and a paint roller. Not only will you get a great look in a flash, but it's easy (and clean!) to pull down and replace when you're ready for something new.

Tip #3: Cover Up Messy Shelves with Fabric Panels

Project via Laura @Rather Square

Want to hide your disorganized DVD collection, or make that one perpetually messy bookshelf look attractive? Make colorful fabric boards to perfectly fit your shelves! Just cut foamcore boards to size, and then tape on a cover with fabric—the inside can look a little chaotic, no one will know.