7 Ways to Make Your Home Kid Friendly

For many parents, trendy pieces and hot decor ideas might sound nice, but they feel unrealistic or impossible to add to their homes. Most homes are not designed with kids in mind, but maybe more should be. These 7 design ideas from Hometalk bloggers are a great way to turn your home into a kid-friendly space that you will love too!

2-minute read

Tip #1: Set up a living room play area


Play Area Hidden in Plain Site via Alicia @Thrifty & Chic

Add easy-to-reach stylish storage to entertaining rooms like your living room or dining room. Even though you might want that room looking pretty and pristine most of the time, your kids can enjoy sitting and playing with games and toys, and easily store their things when it’s time for clean-up.

Tip #2: Add extra storage for toys


Playroom Kid's Table via Whitney and Ashley @Shanty 2 Chic

These clever play table chairs let your children pull games and coloring supplies out from under their chairs, and easily stow them away when they’re finished. Because it comes with its own storage, this children’s table can fit in any room, even one without toy boxes or book shelves.

Tip #3: Create easy-to-use closet organization


Organizing Kids Closet via Gretchen @Boxy Colonial

Built-in closets are usually great, but they’re not always made with kids in mind. Instead of bringing in a dresser to store folded clothes, turn the area underneath the hanging clothing into an easy access set of drawers, so that your children can gain confidence picking out their own clothes every morning.