DIY: Bland Bookcase to Charming Shelving Unit

With a little spray paint and creativity, Domestic CEO transforms an aged family heirloom into a chic, modern piece. Here's how.

Amanda Thomas
2-minute read

I’ve been talking lately about buying things at thrift stores and giving them new life, so I thought I’d show you an example of one of the projects I was talking about. This is a little bookcase that I got from my parents (see right).

Before posting for this picture, it had been sitting in my home office, literally just collecting dust and junk. Neither my husband nor I could figure out a good place to put it in our home, so there it sat.

One day, when we were on the verge of getting rid of it in a massive decluttering spree, my husband cleared it off and put it in the hallway. Suddenly I realized that it would be perfect for our powder room.

I’d been struggling to figure out how to store extra toilet paper and other essentials in the powder room and somehow we’d continued to miss that this bookcase would fit in the small space between the door and the wall. It’s like it was made to live there!

The only thing was that...well, it's kind of an eye sore. 

Always up for a challenge, I got some spray paint and a tester jar of the same off white paint. Between the two types of paint, I was able to apply a few thin layers to get an even off-white color. Very contemporary.

Not only is it super cute now, but it also adds functional storage space to a room that previously had no extra storage.

It makes me smile each time I go in to that room because I love that I could take a piece that had sentimental value and tweak the color to make it fit into our 21st century home.

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DIY image courtesy of Shutterstock.