DIY: Humdrum Changing Table to Chic Storage Unit

With a quick coat of paint, Domestic CEO transforms a retro changing table into a contemporary storage shelf for her office. 

Amanda Thomas
2-minute read

When it comes to redoing furniture, sometimes I get in over my head.

It’s not that I can’t handle the scope of the project, it's that I worry about ruining a piece of furniture that has great character. This was the case with this baby changing table (see right).

My original plan was to turn it into a drink cart. From what I saw on Pinterest, there were numerous possibilities. But the novelty of a drink cart passed and I decided I would rather just turn it into a chic storage shelf for my office.

The first thing I did to try and make the piece look less like a changing table was to remove the front guard rail. Just doing that gave it a better look. Next it was time for a color update. Luckily the entire piece was held together by 12 screws, so after removing them, I was left with just 8 pieces that needed to be spray painted and 3 shelves that needed to be painted by roller.

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I laid out all the pieces on a tarp in my front driveway and set up my spray paint station around everything. Using black gloss spray paint and a sample jar of black gloss paint, my friend Erin and I coated every piece in the rich dark brown color. Once we started, it was clear that this would be a great success.

After it dried, we reassembled it and drove it to my office.

Here’s the finished product being very useful in the Moxie Girl office.

It gave the space just the right look as well as additional storage for office supplies and goodie bags for our employees. Not only do we get to enjoy it every day, but almost every person who walks in to our office comments on it.

How great is that!

And that's not all, since we were already in the refurbishing mode, we transformed a bland little bookcase into the perfect storage unit for a small bathroom

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DIY image courtesy of Shutterstock.