5 Ways to Brighten Your Outdoor Areas

With summer in full swing, it’s easier to lounge and linger outside. Outdoor living areas are the perfect place to continue the party, or start one, too. While lighting adds another layer of decoration for your gatherings, it also improves the functionality of your space, keeping you and your family safe and able to use every square inch of your exterior. From string lights and their summery feel, to the pop and exciting sophistication of a chandelier, the right lighting can make all of the difference in your outdoor living space. Here are five ways we love brightening outdoor areas.

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Go for Romance: String Lights

Nothing says “summer” quite like a set of sparkling string lights. Inexpensive and easy to install, string lights are a great way to bring that ‘café al fresco’ feel to your patio or backyard space. Limited on outlets? Try solar powered lights for more versatility. Any design style pairs well with twinkling string lights. If your space is more modern, opt for strung Edison bulbs. Going for a romantic vibe? The smaller and more clustered, the better.

Extra Charm: Outdoor Chandelier

Bring the indoors outside with an outdoor-rated chandelier. A statement piece for a pergola or vaulted ceiling, a thoughtfully placed chandelier over a seating area or dining table brings both fashion and function to your outdoor entertainment area. Keep the rest of the accessories and furnishing simple to let your statement lighting truly shine.

Outdoor Dining Solution: Lanterns

Not only do lanterns provide a warm and inviting ambiance, they also make a beautiful decorative element during the day. Available in many shapes and sizes, lanterns can be used to illuminate pathways, add task lighting to areas like the outdoor kitchen, or simply add another layer of light for decorative purposes. Lanterns can even be used purely for display: For a versatile centerpiece, try clustering various lanterns and candles for a candlelit soirée.

Stylish Details: Sconces

Sconces are great for casting light on a patio or entryway. This option is perfect for any style of home, from Spanish revival to rustic and romantic. When selecting sconces, opt for finishes and styles that complement your outdoor space. Make sure to size the sconces correctly to the proportion of your doorway or patio. Hint: For a door or entryway, sconces should be about one-fourth the size of the door. Equip important entrances and exits with a sconce on a timer for an extra layer of safety.

Vibrant and Visible: Landscape Lighting

Bring the rest of your landscape into the picture with easy DIY lighting. Not only does landscape lighting add to your outdoor décor, it acts as a security mechanism to help you navigate your outdoor space while also deterring theft. With many low-voltage fluorescent and LED options available, it’s a simple way to illuminate pathways, staircases, bushes and trees.

Have you added outdoor lighting to your exterior this summer? What are some of your favorite ways to illuminate an outdoor living space?


Kerrie Kelly is a California-based interior designer and the founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. Kerrie writes about her interior and exterior design expertise for the Home Depot online. You can research some of the chandelier styles discussed by Kerrie on the Home Depot website.

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