How to Bring Your Outdoor Furniture Back to Life

After months of cold weather and awful storms, your outdoor furniture is probably not looking its best. Luckily, Hometalk.com has all the tricks you need to get your iron, wood, plastic, wicker, and rattan sets back in shape.

April 21, 2015

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Rattan and Wicker

Tip #1: Replenish Dry Fibers

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Strong sun or poor storage can dry out your wicker furniture and lead to easy breakage or decomposition of the brittle fibers. The trick to keeping your wicker healthy and your furniture sturdy is keeping it sufficiently moist - definitely not wet, but not exposed to harsh, dry air either. Try using a mixture of 2 parts boiled linseed oil to one part turpentine to completely replenish and renew dried out wicker. Another good way to keep your wicker safe is by protecting it with a coat of good quality paint.

Tip #2: Stick Down the Strays

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Before you seal off your wicker furniture, make sure that all stray fibers are woven back in or well secured with a strong glue. For a seamless waterproof fix, try using contact cement. Though it can become pliable and lose its hold when exposed to long periods of direct sunlight, that shouldn't be an issue since wicker and rattan furniture shouldn't be left exposed to sunlight anyway.


Tip #1: Fix Weathered Wood

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If your wood furniture is looking dried out after a long season of harsh weather, this will certainly do the trick! Before you do anything else, try an all in one wood cleaner. It will automatically foam up and bring the dirt and grime to the surface, leaving you with a plain but pristine wooden piece. Lastly, stain or simply seal your piece with a weather-proofing sealer.

Tip #2: Color it Young and Vivacious

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Want to really make your wood pop? After the basic cleaning is done, use a fresh coat of bright paint to revive your tired wood pieces. Just clean well, sand smooth, and apply that fresh coat of springtime personality. That should definitely scare away the last of the winter blues!


Tip #1: Wash the Winter Away

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Not every piece of furniture needs a full makeover - some just need a little TLC. Before you lose faith in your white plastic outdoor set, try some basic cleaning tricks. The right fix for your piece might be as simple as a wash with warm, soapy water, or you might do better with a touch of Soft Scrub, like these loungers got before their stylish paint jobs. Make sure to use a product that doesn't contain bleach because it can harm the plastic.

Tip #2: Create a Colorful Set

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Then again, you might be bored of plain white plastic. If so, after a basic cleaning, use some spray paint to give your plastic chairs a bright new look. If you're worried about the paint adhering to your piece, you can sand it with fine grit sandpaper, but it's not necessary. A better way to ensure that the paint sticks is using spray paint made specifically for plastic.

Tip #3: Adapt to Your Needs

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Don't be afraid to change your pieces to fit this season's needs. This fabulous upcycle turns an extra set of colorful plastic chairs into useful pool-side loungers! Do what works for you, so that you can enjoy these warm-weather seasons as much as possible.

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