How to Pick Patio Furniture

If you are ready to furnish your outdoor spaces, or looking to upgrade your patio furniture, read these tips first. 

Amanda Thomas
4-minute read
Episode #162

With warm weather approaching, it’s time to think about outdoor living areas. If you are ready to furnish your outdoor spaces, or are looking to upgrade your patio furniture, there are a few key tips to remember when picking out patio furniture.

Match Your Interior

Your exterior living spaces should be an extension of your interior living spaces. You shouldn’t walk outside and think you are in an entirely different house. If you are looking out the windows into your backyard, you shouldn’t feel shocked at the difference between the two spaces. For this reason, before you start looking for patio furniture, you’ll want to decide what style you are trying to match.

Consider How You’re Going to Use the Space

How are you planning to use your outdoor space? Is it for gathering around a fire pit, gardening and enjoying nature, or lounging in the sun? How you intend to use your outdoor space will determine what type of furniture you should purchase. If you want to use the space for gathering friends and family members, consider chairs and tables for use while eating and chatting. If you want to use the space for relaxing, it may be a better idea to look for lounge chairs. Remember that you can divide your backyard space into separate areas, just like the rooms indoors, and then use furniture to show the intended use of the space..

Decide Where the Furniture Will Go

Once you decide how you’re going to use your outdoor spaces, it’s time to start planning where you want the furniture pieces to go. The placement of the furniture will help determine the materials you need to look for. The more exposure your patio furniture is going to have to the elements, the more durable materials it needs to be made from.

Invest in Frames, But Don’t Go Crazy

Patio furniture can be pretty pricey, but this is definitely a time to remember that you get what you pay for. For that reason, get the most durable, well-built furniture for the weather the furniture will need to withstand. Plastic furniture will harden in full sunlight, but it can get you through if you are in an apartment for just a couple years. Aluminum furniture and wicker furniture will last longer, and are a good option for your starter patio furniture. If you are in your dream house, and are ready to invest in some long-lasting patio furniture, powder coated steel can withstand years of rain and sun.