The Best Solutions to Your Bug Woes

Domestic CEO shares an episode of the new Who Knew? podcast with her fans. From mosquitos to roaches, we've got every bug solution you could possibly need in the coming months.

Amanda Thomas
1-minute read
Episode #3

This week, I have a special bonus episode for you. You may have heard that Quick and Dirty Tips recently added a new podcast called Who Knew?. In it, hosts Bruce and Jennifer share simple household hacks. They recently aired an episode about how to get rid of your worst bug problems, and I just had to share it with my fans.

From mosquitos to roaches to wasps, they've got the solution. I particularly love the tip about getting roaches drunk off wine. Very clever!

Enjoy this special episode of Who Knew?, and hopefully as a result, a bug-free summer! You can read all the tips you hear in this episode here.

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