Your Fall/Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Get your home weather-ready with this fall and winter home maintenance checklist from the Domestic CEO.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #127

Protect Exposed Water Pipes

Be sure to wrap exposed piping with a weather-resistant, insulated material made to keep pipes from freezing. A burst pipe is not a fun problem to deal with during a blizzard!

Change the Direction of Ceiling Fans

By doing this, you create an upward draft that redistributes warm air from the ceiling. Directing the warm air back down towards the main portion of a room helps eliminate the temptation to up the thermostat on those extra chilly days.

Test and Change the Batteries in Your Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detectors

It’s a good idea to test all smoke and carbon dioxide detectors at least a few times a year. I like to do this every autumn and spring. Even if the batteries are still good, change them anyway--no one likes to wake up in the middle of the night to a chirping detector! Be sure to replenish your reserve of batteries, too, so you’ve got extras on hand.

Always test each detector when you are changing out the batteries. These units stop working after 7-10 years, so make sure you’ve got properly working detectors and replace any non-functioning units.

Check Basement Windows for Drafts, Loose Frames, or Cracked Panes

You definitely want to take care of this before the first snowfall hits. Use caulk to seal up any drafts, and call a window professional if you’ve got loose frames or cracked panes that need replacing.

Install Storm Doors and Windows/Remove Screens

Before storing away the screens, be sure to clean them and repair any damage. Stow the screens in a dry area of the garage or basement.

This checklist should get you on your way to preparing your home for the winter. Now is the time to get started on each item, before the cold winds blow and the snow starts falling!

Images of house in snow and grill in snow courtesy of Shutterstock.