11 Tips to Host a Stress-Free Holiday Party

Stressed with your holiday party planning? Try these 11 tips to help simplify and enjoy hosting!

Amanda Thomas
6-minute read
Episode #227

Hosting holiday parties should be a fun endeavor. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, crabby, or stressed out at the thought of company coming to your home, take a deep breath and look for ways to simplify the event. Here are my favorite tips for a stress-free party to get you started.

Consider an Open House

When you’re planning your party, consider having an open house style event where your guests can come and go. When everyone arrives at the same time, they all need to be greeted and fed at the same time. By having an open house, you will spread out your hosting responsibilities over the entire time of the party rather than having to greet, feed, and entertain everyone all at once.

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Create Lists

Lists are a great way to make sure you get everything done in the time it needs to be completed. When planning your party, write down everything that needs to be accomplished before your guests arrive. Then assign an amount of time you think it will take to complete each task on the list and a person responsible for getting it done. Spread the tasks across your family, or ask a friend or two to help. By having everything written down, you can more easily budget your time and delegate to others.

Prioritize the Cleaning

Cleaning your home before hosting an event is something that every guest appreciates. No one wants to walk in to a dirty bathroom or see a thick layer of dust on your furniture. That being said, if you’re running low on time or energy, it’s OK to prioritize your cleaning efforts and only focus on what’s most important like bathrooms, the kitchen, and common areas. You can also use the “behind closed doors” technique and put your messes behind closed closet, cabinet, and room doors. Most guests aren’t going to open up closed doors, so you can put off some of the more detailed sorting work until the days after your event.

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Simplify the Atmosphere

I used to worry a lot about my party decorations. I am not a crafty person, and I always felt like my party décor was lacking. If you’re like me and stressing about your holiday party decorations, the best thing to do may be to simplify your décor. Instead of having the entire exterior of your home decorated with strands of light, simply hang a fresh wreath on your front door. Instead of trying to decorate every nook can cranny of your home with holiday knickknacks, focus instead on a few table top candles to warm the space. Sometimes less really is more.

Create a Soundtrack

Music can be an effective way to set the mood for your event, and having a soundtrack created early is easy. Calm or classical music can play in the background of conversations. Upbeat music will typically get a few people to sing along. And 80s and 90s hits will almost always get turned up for a group sing-along after a few drinks. When we have events, I often put my husband in charge of creating a soundtrack for the event. He typically uses Spotify to create a playlist or two that can play in the background. We might mix it up after the party gets going, and again when we are ready to shut down the party. Use the music to help guide the moods of your guests.