Planning a Staycation

Need a little R&R, but don't have the time or money to get out of town? Try a staycation with these tips and ideas from the Domestic CEO!

Amanda Thomas,
August 7, 2014
Episode #120

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As the summer draws to a close, you may be feeling like your vacation wasn’t enough R&R. Isn’t it crazy how you can come home more tired from your vacation than when you left?

So maybe before the kids head back to school, or before the busy times of the holidays start creeping closer, take a weekend to unwind. Plan a staycation for yourself and your family--whether that’s just you and the spouse, or you include the kids, as well. A staycation is when you stay at home all weekend and do fun, relaxing things--or when you stay in your hometown, ideally at a hotel, and make unwinding your main goal. Here are some great ideas for a relaxing staycation!.

Set Some Ground Rules:

This might be the trickiest part of the entire staycation. Staying at home and not doing what you normally do is harder than you think--especially for women. You might be tempted to just do that quick clean up job, or that little load of laundry. So set these rules ahead of time, and hold each other accountable:

  • No phone (except for emergency use)
  • No e-mail
  • No computer
  • No TV--unless it’s a planned at-home movie night
  • No work
  • No worry
  • No fighting
  • Family or couple time only--no going off on your own.
  • No cooking
  • No cleaning
  • No laundry

The point of this staycation is to have time off from the norm. Plan ahead so you can take the time away from work and household duties. Tell people at the office you will be “off the grid” and unreachable for the weekend. Plan your work accordingly so you can make this happen.

Plan Your Staycation Budget

Set a realistic budget. Part of the idea of a staycation is that you spend less than you would on a regular vacation. However, this doesn’t mean not having any fun. Make sure you’ve got money set aside for eating out and doing a few fun activities that may cost a bit.

Do a Family “Power Clean” of the House Before You Start Your Staycation

This will remove a good amount of stress and let you enjoy your time off. It’s tough to relax if you know there’s a pile of dirty laundry waiting on the couch!


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