9 DIY Projects for any Oenophile (aka Wine-Lover)

Love wine? Make the most of your appreciation for wine with these DIY projects using corks, bottles, and even leftover wine—that is, if you manage to have any!

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin


Put a Cork on It

For your next dinner party, make elegant place-markers out of leftover wine corks. After polishing off enough bottles of wine to have a work for each seat at your table, you’ll also need some blank place cards, sandpaper, and a utility blade or X-Acto knife. First, sand down one side of the cork so that it lays flat on a table. Then, using the utility blade or X-Acto knife, cut a slit on the opposite side of the cork, along its entire length. You’ll want a cut about ¼-inch deep, so that it can support the card. Finally, insert the place cards, and set the corks on the table for your party!

Cork Earring Holder

Don’t throw away the cork when you finish a bottle of wine. Repurpose it! Cork is a perfect material for storing and toting stud earrings. Cut the cork into thin slices, then poke the earrings through, put the backs back on, and toss them into your toiletry bag when traveling.

Wine Cork Pincushion

Don’t have a pincushion handy for your next sewing project? Use the cork from a wine bottle instead! Simply stick your needles and pins into the cork for a quick and safe substitute cushion.

Protect Your Ears

Avoid slamming kitchen cabinets by putting homemade silencers on them. Just save the cork from your next bottle of wine, slice it into skinny pieces, and glue them onto each inside corner of your cabinet. Problem solved!

Protect Your Floors

Slice old corks into thin disks, then glue them to the feet of your heavy furniture. It’s a great way to protect your floors, and makes moving the furniture a bit easier.

Facial Scrub

Have a teeny bit of white wine left after a party? Make a face scrub with it! Wine contains tartaric acid, a terrific exfoliant. Mix a few teaspoons sugar with enough wine to make a paste, then massage into clean skin.

Spick-and-Span Shower Doors

Need to clean those dirty glass shower doors? You can wipe them down with leftover white wine (if you haven’t finished it off!). The wine contains the perfect amount of alcohol to battle soap scum and lime. Apply with a damp sponge, leave for five minutes, then rinse off. Finish by quickly buffing with a clean, dry cloth.

Cork Your Soda

Lost the cap to your soda bottle? Use a wine cork instead! They’re usually the perfect size.

Bookshelf Decorating Done Easily

A pair of wine bottles, either full or empty, makes great bookends for your shelf—especially if there are cookbooks on it!

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Wine Rack

Collect 10-12 large cans (the kind used for whole peeled tomatoes or the larger size of canned beans). Pull off the labels, clean and dry the cans, remove the tops and bottoms and make sure the edges are smooth. You want to build a sculpture for the wine rack—think of a human pyramid—using a strong glue to bind the cans together. For the balance-challenged, stick with rows of four, four, and two. Others can try alternating two and three, even beginning with the smaller number. You can also make a triangle with each row one can shorter than the row below. For extra pizzazz, spray paint the cans before you start building.

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