How Much Alcohol Should I Buy for a Party?

How much alcohol should you buy for 300 people? What's the best temperature for beer? Where should you buy alcohol to save money? We answer all these party questions and more.

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How Much Alcohol Should I Buy? And Party Drinks Questions Answered

How Much Alcohol Should I Buy?

Whether you’re serving Coke or cocktails at a party, it’s a good idea to have plenty of drinks on hand for your guests. Here’s a good rule of thumb: Plan on two drinks per person for the first hour, then one drink per person per hour after that. For a long party, estimate around five drinks per person.

How Can I Save Money on Booze for My Party?

One of the biggest costs of any party is the alcohol. To keep your booze bill in check, don’t load up on every kind of liquor in the store. Instead, serve a single special cocktail. Be creative! You can serve mojitos in August, and a delicious mulled wine come December. Not only will it reduce your expenses, but you’ll also set the tone for the party, creating a more memorable experience for your guests!

What Temperature Should Beer Be Served At?

Premium lagers should be served between 42°F and 48°F and ales between 44°F and 52°F, so don’t let them get too cold.

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What Should I Do If I Don’t Have a Cooler?

If you don’t have a cooler, use one of these cooler alternatives instead.

What Are Some Easy, DIY Drink Tags?

Want a fun and easy way to tell your guests’ drinks apart? Instead of buying drink tags, which label whose drink is whose, simply have a dry-erase or child’s marker on-hand and have guests write their names (or a funny message) right on their glass. It will wipe right off after the party. Or, put the sudden end of your child’s Silly Bandz obsession to good use by putting the fun rubberbands around the stems of wine glasses so your guests can tell whose are whose. Or, if your party takes place around a holiday, use plastic decals that you’d usually use as window decorations!

How Do I Hand Out Drinks without Spilling Them?

We love anything that gives us more time to talk to our company and cuts down on hosting duties during a party. One simple way to hand out drinks—use muffin trays instead of flat trays. You can easily carry two dozen glasses without breaking a sweat and even younger family members will be able to help.

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