11 Ways to Improve Your Cookies

Even if your cookies are second-to-none, you can always better your technique or flavorings. We've gathered 11 hacks to improve your cookies. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Cookies that can't be beat

Making cookies? Spritz the beaters with a little vegetable oil or nonstick cooking spray, and you won’t have to stop every few seconds to scrape the batter off the beaters and back into the bowl.

The big chill

For better cookies, refrigerate your dough for 30 minutes after mixing it. Not only will the dough be easier to work with, but the cookies will also spread more evenly in the oven.

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Simple spoon saver

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Is your cookie dough sticking to everything? It’s easy to get a spoonful of cookie dough to drop onto your baking sheet if you first dip the spoon in milk.

Help cookie dough hold its shape

Busy family? It’s easy to make big batches of cookie dough ahead of time. Shape the dough into an easy-to-slice roll and pop it in the freezer until you’re ready to do the actual baking. No stress, right? Almost! The only problem is that the underside of the dough ends up flattened against the bottom of the freezer. To prevent this, use paper-towel tubes to hold the roll of dough and keep it round for cookie-shaped slices. First, wrap the dough in plastic wrap. Make a long cut down the length of a cardboard tube, and place the dough log inside. The dough will keep its tube shape, ensuring that your cookies are picture perfect!

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Bar cookie perfection

Want to know the secret to perfectly cut bar cookies? As soon as you remove your sweet creation from the oven, make a 1/4-inch incision with a knife and outline your bars. Then, once they’ve cooled, cut all the way. This will ensure that the edges of your bars are as smooth as can be.

Sensational cookie taste

Simply shake on a bit of coarse sea salt before baking to take your classic chocolate chip cookie recipe to the next level.

Secret ingredient for the cookie jar

To keep your cookies soft until the last one is eaten, add half an apple or a slice of white bread to the cookie jar. This will provide just enough moisture to keep the cookies from becoming hard.

Improvise a cooling rack

If you’re baking cookies or pies and don’t have a cooling rack, line up a bunch of butter knives in alternating directions (first with the blade toward you, then with the blade away from you), and put the baking sheet on top of them.

You can also use old egg cartons as a cooling rack. 

A replacement cookie cutter

If you can’t find or don’t own cookie cutters, there’s an easy replacement that’s probably in your kitchen right now. Pull out your nonstick cooking spray, then pull off the top. Facing down, the lid’s edge makes easy cuts into dough to shape perfect-size cookies or biscuits.

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Try a cookie stack

Cookie bottoms keep burning? Try baking on two sheets stacked one on top of the other.

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Slice a log of cookie dough with dental floss

Using floss (rather than a knife) to slice will give you clean cookies that don’t crumble or smoosh. This technique works well for cinnamon rolls, too.

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