5 Easy Tips for Better Breading

Breading chicken cutlets and other foods is not always as easy as it looks. Follow these tips to make your own bread crumbs and other helpful tips to up your breading game. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin,
October 23, 2017


Make Your Own Bread Crumbs

Don’t spend money on store-bought bread crumbs. Set aside a special jar and pour in the crumbs from the bottom of cracker or low-sugar cereal boxes. Also add crumbs from leftover garlic bread and a few dried herbs, and soon you’ll have seasoned bread crumbs! The great thing is that homemade bread crumbs are even better than store-bought, since their uneven texture helps make them stick.

The Best Breaded Breasts

Always refrigerate chicken breasts after breading, but before cooking. The coating will adhere better that way. Also, try adding a teaspoon of baking powder to your batter, and use club soda instead of water for a delicate texture.

Common Sense Breading

When breading chicken cutlets, make sure you don’t bread your fingers, too: Use one hand for wet ingredients and the other for the breadcrumbs.

Breaded Cutlets: Hold the Crumbs

Breaded cutlets are less appealing when the breadcrumbs have all dropped off in the oven. One extra step is all you need. After coating with crumbs, let the cutlets dry on a rack for ten minutes, then cook.

General Breading Tips

Keeping breading on foods can be a challenge, but here are a couple of tricks to try (other than using superglue, which we don't recommend). First, make sure that the food to be breaded is very dry. As for your eggs, make sure they’re at room temperature, and beat them lightly.

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