6 Amazing Grocery Bargains During the Holidays

Love bargains? November and December are the perfect time to fill your pantry and freezer.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #182

4.) Canned Vegetables and Fruit

Do you have extra pantry space? Now is a great time to stock up on cans of vegetables and fruit. Since these items both have a long shelf life, you can buy them by the case and use them throughout the year in between seasons of your favorite fresh veggies and fruits. I’m not a huge fan of most canned vegetables, but we use a lot of canned tomatoes. They are often on shelves a little separated from the cans of corn and beans, but they are almost always deeply discounted during the holidays too. Stock up on your favorites, and save later!

5.) Canned Dough

There is something absolutely nostalgic about Pillsbury canned dough, like Grand’s Biscuits and Cinnamon Rolls. Being able to make fresh breads, even if they come from a can, was a special treat in our home when I was growing up. Can you relate?

If you also enjoy these cans of premade dough, then take the opportunity to stock up during the holidays because they are often ridiculously discounted. These cans of Crescent rolls are normally $2.29 each, but I spotted them for $.99 each. You can usually find multiple coupons during the holiday season offering additional discounts. One deal I found on the Kroger website this week is $1 off 3 cans of dough, which takes each one down to $.66. That’s a 71% savings! Before you go too hog wild on these items, make sure to note their expiration dates. They don’t last as long as other items on this list, so only get as many as you are sure you can eat before they expire.

6.) Baking Supplies

You can find the final amazing bargain taking up almost an entire aisle in the grocery store: the baking supply aisle. During the holiday season, almost every item in the baking section will go on sale at a deep discount. These discounts may only last a week, but they are usually pretty big. Watch for sugars, flours, canned pumpkin and pie fillings, chocolate chips, and oils all to go on sale during November and December. Stock up on as much as your pantry can hold, and you’ll be able to bake the entire holiday season and into the new year! And just like the other items on the list, watch for coupons to save even more on these normally pricey items.

Now that you have the list of items to stock up on, it’s time to start scouring your local store ads and coupon inserts to plan out your trip of savings.

What’s the biggest deal you score during the holiday season? Share it on my Facebook page and let’s see how much the Domestic CEO audience can save!

Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home!