6 Secrets to Baking the Perfect Cake

Baking and baking, but can't seem to bake the perfect cake? Bake cakes from scratch with these professional baking tips and tricks that take you to a level beyond Baking 101. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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6 Secrets to Baking the Perfect Cake

Substituting Eggs

When baking a cake, try substituting two egg yolks for one whole egg. The cake will be very rich and dense, because the yolks don’t hold as much air as the whites. This isn’t exactly a healthy tip, but it sure tastes good!

Making Weightless Cakes

We all know homemade cakes should not double as free weights, but what’s the secret to keeping them light? A dash or two of lemon juice added to the butter and sugar mixture. That’s it!

Keeping Your Cake Light

For a light, moist cake, enhance your cake flour by adding two tablespoons of cornstarch to every cup of cake flour, then sifting them together before you add to the mix. You may be surprised by the results!

Popping Cake Bubbles

Make sure you get rid of any bubbles in your cake batter before baking. Simply hold the pan an inch or two above the counter and tap it two or three times to release any air pockets. Just be careful of your clothes, as it might spatter.

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Three Cures for Domed Cakes

Unfortunately, part of baking is always trial and error. If your cakes “dome” when baked, one of these common mishaps may be to blame: the oven temperature was too high, your pan was too small, or the balance of liquid, egg, flour, and fat was off. Time for a new trial!

Pound Cakes

If you’ve ever over-baked a pound cake, you probably know that the fork-doneness test isn’t very effective. That’s because you typically fork-test the center of a cake. However, the center of a pound cake is always super moist, even when the baking time is over—it only hardens completely once the cake cools. You’ll get an accurate gauge on your pound cake if you test closer to the edge (say, one third of the way in).

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