Creative Gluten-Free Cooking

Just because you're sensitive to gluten, doesn't mean your enjoyment of food has to be suffer. Gluten-free guru Autumn Giles joins the Clever Cookstr to talk about making great food that just happens to be gluten-free.

Kara Rota
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Episode #43

Joining the Clever Cookstr today is Autumn Giles, the gluten-free greenmarket enthusiast and poet behind the blog Autumn Makes and Does. Autumn is working on her first cookbook, Beyond Canning: New Ideas for Preserving, Pickling, & Fermenting.

Autumn is passionate about cooking seasonally from the farmers' market and making techniques like canning and preserving accessible to everyone. She also has Celiac Disease, which means that everything she cooks and eats is gluten-free. But rather than substitutions or compromises, Autumn simply cooks delicious food that just happens to be without gluten.

Click the arrow in the player above to hear how you too can make fantastic gluten-free dishes at home. Or download the whole interview from iTunes to learn: 

  • How to cook seasonally all year round.

  • Quick and easy tips for canning, pickling, and preserving.

  • Gluten-free cooking without compromise.

  • A savory gluten-free breakfast idea.

  • Autumn's secret ingredients, including tamari and preserved lemons.

  • Plus, the essential tools for the savvy home cook.

Thanks for joining us on the Clever Cookstr, and keep an eye out for Autumn's upcoming book, Beyond Canning: New Ideas for Preserving, Pickling, & Fermenting

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Photos courtesy of Autumn Giles. 

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