Eat More Better: Q&A with Dan Pashman

Dan Pashman, creator and host of the WNYC podcast The Sporkful and author of Eat More Better, joins the Clever Cookstr to talk about how to get the best out of every bite.

Kara Rota
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Episode #26

Our guest on the Clever Cookstr today is Dan Pashman, the creator and host of the James Beard Award-nominated food podcast The Sporkful (Motto: It's not for foodies, it's for eaters.)

Dan also hosts the Cooking Channel web series Good to Know and is a regular contributor to NPR and Slate. He's recently published his first book, Eat More Better: How to Make Every Bite More Delicious.

With a mixture of science, humor, and incredibly strong opinions, Dan is on a quest to tell us the ways in which we're eating wrong, and to teach us how to eat more better.


Click the arrow in the player above to listen to the entire episode. Or download the episode from iTunes and learn: 

  • How psychology, engineering, language arts, and philosophy apply to food.

  • What's the best pasta shape for mac and cheese?

  • Why cheeseburgers, salad bites, and Oreos benefit from the same structural innovation.

  • What's the difference between dipping and dunking? 

  • What's the correct way to eat wings?

  • How can a scoop chip be repurposed?

For more tips and tricks on eating more better, check out The Sporkful and Dan's book, Eat More Better

Click the arrow in the player above to listen to the entire episode. Or download the episode from iTunes and learn Dan's secrets to great eating!

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Dan Pashman image courtesy of Lilia Cretcher for The Sporkful.

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