Finding Creativity in the Kitchen with Science and Intuition

Is great cooking science, or is it an art? Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page show how it's both in their new book Kitchen Creativity, helping you bring creative tools into your home kitchen.

Kara Rota
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Kitchen creativity book by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page

Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page are the team behind the new book Kitchen Creativity: Unlocking Culinary Genius—with Wisdom, Inspiration, and Ideas from the World's Most Creative Chefs. Here, they share three ways to boost your own kitchen creativity:

1. Keep a kitchen creativity journal. Whether it's a notebook or a dedicated file on your phone, have a designated place to store thoughts, feelings, daydreams, photos, and other ideas for reference later. Take your ideas seriously, and write them down. As Getting Things Done author David Allen says,"Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them."

2. Pay attention to what you pay attention to. Amid all the distractions we're faced with, certain things still grab your attention. Notice which chefs, restaurants, dishes, and other ideas captivate you (versus the countless others you skip over, unmoved). If you track them, you can analyze them to discover the patterns that unite them, and learn about what's important to you.

3. Finally, take action on your best ideas, and make them a reality. After you start using this book to help multiply the quantity and quality of the ideas you generate, never forget the end game is to create the future. Don't just write your best ideas down. Do the work. Make them happen! The world is waiting to taste what you create next.

Excerpted with permission from Kitchen Creativity: Unlocking Culinary Genius—with Wisdom, Inspiration, and Ideas from the World's Most Creative Chefs (c) 2017 Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. All rights reserved. Published by Little Brown.

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