How to Actually Enjoy Grocery Shopping

Taryn Fixel is founder and CEO of Ingredient1, an app that hopes to help people have a better and more transparent experience in the grocery store. 

Kara Rota
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Episode #084

Ingredient1 aims to remove the chaos from food and grocery shopping. The Ingredient1 mobile app allows users to discover food based on philosophy, diet, and taste. Whether you're eating gluten-free, vegan, or avoiding preservatives and additives, Taryn's here to share the food philosophy behind the app. 

Here are a few of Taryn's criteria for helping people eat better.

1) Be generous with yourself. You can always begin again. Art the beginning of each year, many people tend to make a commitment to a shifting way of eating, but each day is an opportunity to start anew.

2) Eat as few ingredients as possible in packaged food. If you're looking at soy milk brands, one may contain only soy and water, while another may contain added sugar and a host of other added ingredients. Ingredient1 allows you to find foods that have as few ingredients as possible.

3) Plan before you get to the store. There are over 35,000 products in the average grocery store, so being prepared helps save you time and decision fatigue later on. There are over 300 words that mean "refined sugar" on various labels, so learning to pare down all the information on labels is so important!

Ingredient1 is available for free download for iPhone, and coming soon for Android. 

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Kara Rota

Kara Rota headed children’s programming at Chicago’s Green City Market and studied food politics at Sarah Lawrence College. Kara has been a featured speaker at numerous venues including Food Book Fair, the Roger Smith Food Conference, and the Brooklyn Food Conference. She has written about food for Irish America Magazine, West Side Rag, Recipe Relay, and Food + Tech Connect, and is the former Director of Editorial & Partnerships at Cookstr.com.

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