How to Create Your Very Own Cookbook

Anna Curran is the founder of a print-on-demand startup Cookbook Create, a site where anyone can make their own perfectly personal cookbooks. Anna joined the Clever Cookstr to talk about her lifelong love of cookbooks, the struggles and triumphs of being a food media entrepreneur, and her own personal food philosophy.

Kara Rota
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Episode #140

Cookbook Create, a platform on which anyone can create print-on-demand cookbooks using their own recipes, has appeared in The New York Times, The Kitchn, and Edible. Anna Curran was inspired to found the company when she wanted to preserve her own family's recipes, and offer a more technology-inclusive platform as a solution to consumers. Her customers are everyone from a bodybuilder offering recipes for athetes following similar exercise and diet plans, to parents putting together family recipes for a child going to college or getting married, pages peppered with family photos. Anna says that technology allows for customization that's key in tools like Cookbook Create.

As for advice she would give to other aspiring food entrepreneurs, Anna says that entrepreneurship is a journey in which your best day and your worst day can be happening simultaneously. She recommends moving forward through uncertainties, to take other people's advice with a large grain of salt, and, most of all, to dream big. 

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