Meal Kits: How to Get Healthy, Well-Balanced Meals Fast

Sick of spending so much time at the grocery store? Tired of cooking the same old meal over and over because your cooking skills just aren’t up to par? There’s good news. Meal kits are the quickest and dirtiest way to get food fast while still ensuring you get great flavor and well-balanced meals.

InboundJunction LTD, Contributor
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What’s with meal kits?

Meal kits have been around for a while. Chances are good you’ve heard of companies like Blue Apron and HelloFresh. Review their offerings and you’ll find an incredible diversity of dietary plans, cuisine types, subscription formats, and more. In fact, meal kits give you the means to eat well, learn new kitchen skills, and power up your plate!

How do meal kits work?

No matter what company you choose, the process is similar:

  1. Choose your eating plan
  2. Choose the number of people each box will feed
  3. Choose the number of recipes you receive per week
  4. Choose the recipes that you want to receive
  5. Get fresh food delivered to your front door

How are meal kits faster than grocery shopping?

On the surface, it might seem like grocery stores edge out meal kits in the speed department. However, the truth is that they’re definitely quicker than heading down to your local supermarket. You just have to dig beneath the surface:

  • Time Spent: If you're shopping for a family, there's a good chance that you're spending between 30 minutes and an hour in the grocery store each trip. That doesn’t count getting there or back home. With meal kits, there’s no time expended other than clicking a couple of buttons to fine-tune your recipes.
  • Hassle: Going to the grocery store is always a hassle. Trouble parking, finding a clean shopping cart, dealing with crowded aisles, waiting for people to get out of the way so you can grab what you want, dealing with produce outages—it’s a pain. Meal kits eliminate all that hassle, letting you focus on things you actually want to do.
  • Food Variety: OK, this one should go to the grocery store, but we’re going to award it to meal kits for one simple reason—you’re likely to choose the same old, same old from the grocery store. With meal kits, you get all the ingredients you need to put the meal together, plus delicious, step-by-step recipes, which makes it easy to break out of your culinary rut and expand your cooking skills.
  • Freshness: You might think grocery stores have freshness cornered, but that’s not the case. Most of the foods at your local grocer are trucked in from far away. Meal kit companies work with local growers and producers in your area to deliver the freshest, most flavorful food possible.

Choosing the right meal kit company

While you’re limited to the grocery stores with a physical presence in your geographic area, you’re free to buy from many different meal kit companies. How do you choose the right company for you? Let’s set out some simple tips:

  • Make sure they serve your area. Most meal kit companies are upfront about where they can ship, so this information isn’t hard to come by.
  • Make sure they have an eating plan that fits your needs. Most meal kit companies offer several types of plans, such as meats and vegetables, family plans, and vegetarian options. However, if you have different needs, you’ll need to make sure they’re supported. For instance, if you’re vegan, you’ll have a narrower range of options than someone who eats meat.
  • Make sure you understand the maximum number of meals per week per person. Most meal kit companies won’t give you three meals per day for the entire week. They’re a bit more limited. For instance, with HelloFresh, you can choose to feed two or four people, three or four days per week.

Delicious food, fast—meal kits win!

The Quick And Dirty

As you can see, meal kits offer the quickest way to get delicious, healthy meals delivered to your home. They save you time, hassle, and money while helping you expand your kitchen skills and confidence. Plus, they support your health with fresh, nutritious food. It’s a win-win!