Peter Gethers on Food, Family, and a Meal to Remember

The Clever Cookstr kicks off a month-long podcast takeover by Peter Gethers, the author of the new book My Mother's Kitchen: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and the Meaning of Life. In this interview, Peter remembers his family history at Ratner's, some of his most memorable meals, and how his mother's approach to food changed his own approach to life. 

Kara Rota,
April 4, 2017
Episode #145

This episode is part of a special series with author Peter Gethers, best-selling author, publisher, and screenwriter. His latest book, My Mother's Kitchen, is available for purchase at Barnes & NobleAmazonIndieboundBooksamillion, and Apple

This is a very special episode today, as we’re kicking off a month of Clever Cookstr podcasts guest hosted by the author of the new book MY MOTHER’S KITCHEN: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and the Meaning of Life: Peter Gethers. Over the next few weeks, Peter will be interviewing authors including Melissa Clark and Joan Nathan on this very podcast! I’m so excited to have Peter take over the podcast for a few weeks, because his book captured so much of what I feel is so important about food and cooking—how it can be therapy, a meditation, an identity, and its own language that allows us to say things to the people we love that we can’t say otherwise. 

Peter's mother, Judy Gethers, was an accomplished cook, the daughter of a restaurateur (New York's legendary Ratner's), and a lifelong lover of food. In this memoir, Peter talks about the food that mattered most to her, and how the search for the perfect bite propelled her through her illnesses and the inevitability of aging. As Peter envisions the meal of his mother's dreams throughout this book, he leads the reader in a culinary journey through his relationship with his family, his experiences in kitchens and restaurants, and his mishaps in meals and in life. 

As an introduction to Peter's Clever Cookstr podcast takeover, we spoke about the new book, his dinner party strategies, some of his most memorable meals, and how oysters changed his life. 

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