Stock Your Kitchen for Better Homemade Breakfasts

September is "Better Breakfast Month." Celebrate by stocking your kitchen with these breakfast essentials.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #174

Did you know that September is "Better Breakfast Month"? When I saw that, I was pretty excited. Mr. DCeo and I love breakfast and often cook a real breakfast each morning. Don’t get me wrong, every now and then we resort to instant oatmeal or grab-and-go granola bars, but for the most part we make a hot breakfast every morning.

I know it may sound crazy to start each morning in the kitchen, but there are a few items we keep stocked in our home to make a yummy breakfast easy. 

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Eggs: Eggs are a staple for any breakfast food. In our kitchen, we always have at least a dozen waiting to be used. Whether you’re mixing them up to make a French toast batter, making an egg sandwich, or serving them on tortillas for huevos rancheros, eggs are a must-have in your kitchen for breakfasts.

Good breads: These days we keep gluten-free bread on hand, but it’s not quite the same as having artisan breads ready to go. Before my gluten-free days, I almost always had a loaf of Italian bread or hearty whole-grain bread ready to be sliced and made into stuffed French toast or grilled breakfast sandwiches. The best thing about bread is that, if it dries out, it’s even better for things like French toast casserole. You can use the ends, and any dried out pieces, by cutting them up and storing them in your freezer until you are ready to make a casserole.

Tortillas: I’m a huge fan of tortillas for breakfast. When I go out to eat, if huevos rancheros are on the menu, there’s no question it's I’m ordering. That’s part of the reason we always keep tortillas in our kitchen for breakfasts. Wrap one up with scrambled eggs, a glob of refried beans, some cheese, and maybe a little leftover salsa verde pork, and you have yourself a yummy breakfast burrito that is healthier and less expensive than one you could grab at a fast food restaurant. Or just pile on some eggs, cheese, salsa, and black beans, and you have a mini-huevos rancheros on the table in less than 10 minutes.

Veggies: Personally, I use breakfast as a way to use up a lot of veggies in my kitchen. I do my best to try and use every bit of vegetables instead of throwing out the scraps, so breakfast is a great time to use up things like broccoli stalks, mushroom stems, and pieces of peppers. All those veggies can be sautéed for a bit (which will help release their water), then added to eggs. Sprinkle in a little cheese, and have a tasty scramble. You can also use these veggies in quiches and omelets. When they are mixed in with the eggs, you won’t even know that they are the parts of the veggies you normally toss away.

Cheeses: We always have a few different types of cheese in our fridge. And you know what? They all go well in breakfast foods! From goat cheese to feta to Colby Jack, they all are super tasty on eggs and potatoes. Experiment by trying different cheese on your egg creations, and you might just find a new favorite combination.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is always a good choice to keep in stock for easy breakfasts. There are recipes all over the internet for overnight oatmeal, which is basically just putting all your ingredients into a small jar, then leaving it in the fridge overnight. While that is an easy way to prepare oatmeal, I personally prefer my oatmeal to be served warm. A bowl of oatmeal topped with fruit and a little cream is a great way to start the day. On weekends, I also like to make an oatmeal bake that we can eat throughout the week. Keep a bag of frozen fruit handy (my favorite is blueberry), and you can have this hearty breakfast ready to heat and eat each morning.