Where to Get Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Ludovica Ferme of Farmigo joins us to talk about sourcing and cooking heritage turkeys, and what to do with unusual produce you'll find at your local farmers' market this season. 

Kara Rota
2-minute read
Episode #25

As Thanksgiving nears, we're starting to think about sourcing ingredients for the big holiday feast.

With marketing terms like "natural," "organic," and "free range" thrown around often interchangeably and without regulation, how do we know what kind of turkey is best for our Thanksgiving table?

Our guest today on the Clever Cookstr is Ludovica Ferme, a regional manager at Farmigo. Farmigo is a Brooklyn-based start-up that helps conenct consumers with farmers and local producers in their area.


Click the arrow in the player above to listen to the entire episode, or download the episode from iTunes. You'll learn:

  • What is a heritage turkey?

  • How does a heitage bird compare to the ones you'll find at your local supermarket?

  • How to cook a heritage turkey this Thanksgiving?

  • Easy and delicious recipe ideas for the unusual produce you'll find at your local farmers' market like sunchokes and delicata squash.

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Images courtesy of Farmigo.

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