10 Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Children

Need suggestions for fun homemade Halloween costumes that won't take ages to make? Check out these 10 inspiring ideas from the Domestic CEO.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #129

Have you ever had Halloween just sneak right up on you?

Your children need costumes and the night before you find yourself running to the nearest WalMart or Target to find what’s left on the shelves. Sadly, your child probably won’t get to be that awesome Ninja Turtle or the favorite princess because you procrastinated too long.

Face it, most of us are not that parent who whips out a sewing machine and stitches up magical homemade costumes weeks in advance (kudos if you are!). Most of us are scrambling at the last minute for something…anything.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Here are some pretty cool ideas for homemade costumes that are quick and easy. Big thanks to thAliLily blog where I found some of these great tips:.

Costume Idea #1: A Bag of Jelly Beans

Get a clear, large trash bag. Cut two small leg holes in the bottom of the bag and two armholes on the side of the bag, towards the top. Blow up various colors of small, round balloons which will be the jelly beans. When it’s time to put on the costume, have your child put on tights, shorts and a plain t-shirt or sweatshirt. Then, have your child put on the bag, putting legs and arms through the correct holes. Then, fill the bag with the balloons through the top opening. Finally, gather the top of the trash bag around the neck area and secure with a long ribbon. I don’t recommend this costume for toddlers or younger children since there are balloons and a plastic bag involved.

Costume Idea #2: It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

This costume is super adorable and incredibly easy. You’ll need a raincoat, rain boots, an umbrella, and a few small-sized cat and dog stuffed animals. Open the umbrella and attach the cats and dogs to the top of it with duct tape or secure them using a needle and fishing line. Enter the umbrella with the needle from the underside, loop the fishing line around the animal, go back through the umbrella to the underside, pull tightly, and knot. These can be removed easily after Halloween. Have your child don the raincoat and boots, grab the umbrella and trick or treating can commence!

Bonus: The costume is perfect if it happens to rain on Halloween!

Costume Idea #3: Lego Mania

How about being a giant Lego? Grab a box large enough to “fit” your child. Use the box the long way and cut out the bottom panel. Then cut a hole for your child’s head and arm holes on either side. From the extra cardboard cutouts, cut 6 same-sized circles. Glue these on the front of the box to look like a Lego. Spray paint the entire box with your child’s favorite Lego color. Let it dry and put it on!

Costume Idea #4: Mummy

This is really an easy, last minute costume. Using either multiple old ace bandages, an old sheet cut into strips, or even toilet paper, wrap your child as a mummy. Be sure to wrap each leg individually. The same goes for arms. Even wrap your child’s head (leaving room for his or her face, of course). Next, take some black Halloween makeup, a black eye pencil, or dark gray eye shadow and color in some dark circles underneath the eyes. Your pint-sized preserved person is ready to score some loot!