4 Ways to Stress Less This Holiday Season

The holidays can be hectic. Before you get stressed out, try simplifying some of your holiday routines with these 4 tips from Domestic CEO.

Amanda Thomas
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Episode #89

Tip #3: Simplify Decorating

If you often find yourself in a competition to keep up with your neighbor’s lights and decorations, this next tip is for you.

Decorating your home should be fun. It should bring around happy holiday spirits. If it instead brings stress, cursing, and family fights, it may be time to consider scaling back for a year or two. Instead of going all Clark Griswold on your home’s exterior, consider simply putting up a single strand of lights around your home. You may get a few comments from the neighbors if they notice a significant change in the amount of decorations you up this year, but you can jokingly tell them that you wanted to let them win the decoration contest this year.

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If your interior decorations are what is causing you stress, you may want to consider cutting back on a few of those as well. Instead of a big tree, decorate a smaller house plant. Instead of swapping out all the towels and shower curtains throughout the house, just switch out the kitchen towels for festive ones. Small touches make a big difference.

Tip #4: Simplify Entertaining

This next tip may be a tough one to do if you have a holiday party tradition. But the gist of it is this: Consider not having your party this year.

If the season already has you stressed, hosting a bunch of people in your home may put you over the edge. While you might feel ashamed to tell your friends or family that you simply aren’t up for hosting this year, once you get past the initial groans from the regular guests, you’ll be able to start relaxing and enjoying the season without the pressures of having your home be in perfect condition.

If you do decide to entertain in your home, consider hiring someone to help you with the tasks that stress you out the most. For example, my company, Moxie Girl, offers housekeeping services before, during, and after parties in Phoenix. Find a local maid service to help you get your home in order, or put everything back the way it is supposed to be after the party happens, or to keep the dishes under control during the actual event.

If your budget doesn’t allow for professional help, see if a local teenager wants to make a few extra bucks helping you out. Ask your neighborhood kids, or ask around at your church to find someone that you can trust not to rifle in your medicine cabinet. Keep in mind that if you hire a teenager or any other non-professional, you may need to lower your expectations or provide more direction than you are expecting to.

It can be hard to let go of what you now think of as holiday traditions, so keep in mind that all these tips are suggestions. You may want to look at just one area that you find the most stressful, or you may consider making slight adjustments all the way around. You may be surprised that letting go of a few old habits and traditions may actually help you enjoy the season more!

Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home.

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