5+ Cute, Creative Gift-wrapping Tips for the Holidays

A handful of clever and festive wrapping ideas for all your gift-giving needs

Cheryl Butler,
December 20, 2017

image of cute, creative gift-wrapping

The way we wrap and present our packages can be just as much fun as buying the gifts themselves.

Here are several clever and festive wrapping ideas for all your gift-giving needs.

1. Hands On Gift Wrap—great fun for kids.

Little boys love matchbox cars, so wrap his gift in brown Kraft paper, then draw a pretend road (or make one out of black construction paper) on the package and affix several matchbox cars on the road with double-sided tape. You can do something similar for little girls. Select a shiny, colorful, solid, wrapping paper and tie the package with a jump rope, or tie hair accessories or dress-up jewelry to the bow. For the budding artists on your list, wrap the gift in plain white paper and tape crayons or markers to the outside of the package so they can decorate their gift before they tear into it. 

2. Gifts With a Message Keeps Them Guessing.

Kraft paper can be a wrapper’s best friend because of the wide variety and durability factors. Choose black and you can decorate the package with a message written in chalk. If you want to keep them guessing about what might be waiting inside the box, leave a written clue.

3. Get Flowery.

Cupcake liners come in all shapes, sizes and colors and when arranged one inside of another, you can create beautiful flowers to top your packages. Check out this YouTube demonstration for easy instructions.

4. Personalize with Photos.

Take advantage of all the fantastic photos you have tucked away and either make photocopies of them and adhere with a glue stick to plain Kraft or any other wrapping paper that suits your fancy or tuck an original photo underneath the ribbon you’ve tied on.  

5. Go Wrapless With a Scavenger Hunt.

Forget the wrapping and, instead, hide your gift and leave clues for a scavenger hunt. This is fun for young and old alike and makes the gift that much more exciting once the recipient finally finds it.

For more ideas visit Mighty Mommy at quickanddirtytips.com.

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