6 Fun Ways to Light Up Your Yard on Halloween

Before trick-or-treaters can knock on your door, they have to be able to find it. Light up your yard with these fun DIY luminaries from Hometalk Bloggers, so that you and your neighbors can enjoy a fun and happy Halloween.

2-minute read

Tip #1: Paint Jack-O-Lantern Faces on Jars

Project via Angela @Blue i Style

Make a scary expression on an ordinary glass jar using stickers, and then paint it with a base coat. Remove the stickers, and you've got a peek-a-boo lantern ready to light the way for some seriously spooked trick-or-treaters.

Tip #2: Turn Empty Cans Into Skeleton Lights

Project via Sarah @Flourish & Knot

Grab some tin cans from your recycling bin for this spooky spectacular design. Just punch holes in the can in the shape of a skull and place a candle or light inside, to shine your creepy creation at passers-by and visitors.

Tip #3: Cut Plastic Cups Into Luminaries

Project via Paula @Frog Prince Paperie

Turn a pack of cheap plastic cups into mini jack-o-lanters to line your walkway and thrill your guests. You can keep the cups from blowing away or knocking over by attaching little glass marbles from the Dollar Store around the inside of the rim.