6 Ways to Celebrate National Picnic Day

Mighty Mommy has 6 fun ways to celebrate spring with a one-of-a kind picnic. Get your checkered tablecloth and corkscrew ready!

Cheryl Butler
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Spring is one of the most invigorating times of the year. As the days get longer, we gravitate outdoors, glad to enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures.

One of the perks of warmer weather is gathering with family and friends to relish a meal outside. Thanks to National Picnic Day, celebrated on April 23 each year, you can create a festive food experience sitting on your favorite checkered tablecloth under a beautiful tree in the park or smack-dab in your living room.

Make life a picnic and celebrate with a meal that doesn’t require your loved ones to be tableside. Here are some ideas to move your meal from kitchen to the park, playground, beach, or backyard:

  • Tailgate: Surprise your kids with a mini road trip. Pack a picnic, scoop everyone up, and drive to your favorite park or beach. Enjoy delicious treats right out of the trunk of your car. If weather permits bring some balls, frisbees, or other outdoor games that you can enjoy before heading home. Don’t forget to stop for ice cream!

  • Curbside to Go: Many local restaurants now have great choices you can order right off their regular menu that can be called in and picked up curbside. Choose your family’s favorites and find a fun location you can sit and munch to your heart’s content.

  • Invite Stuffed Pals: Every child has their go-to stuffed animal that they love sharing life with. Create a picnic that includes your kids' toys. Make sure they get a little treat to enjoy as well.

  • Adult Friendly: National Picnic Day makes a wonderful date night for tired parents who don’t get enough alone time. Call your babysitter,  pack your favorite foods and that perfect bottle of wine and find a romantic venue where can enjoy an evening under the stars together—alone.

  • Family Room Fun: If the weather seems iffy or you’d prefer to stay close to home, prepare your family’s favorite foods and have a picnic in your living room. Get your kids involved—let them set out the paper plates on a tablecloth you’ve spread out on the floor. Don’t be concerned about the neat factor. After dinner, curl up and watch a family classic like Mary Poppins or Harry Potter.

  • Potluck Picnic: A great option for a picnic is to make it a potluck! Gather your friends and have everyone bring two dishes to share. You don’t have to have a formal menu—let it be a surprise. Chicken salad sandwiches, macaroni salad, brownies and lemonade—or whatever your friends prefer. Anything goes! The best part is that friends can gather together in a low-key manner and just enjoy friendship and fun food.

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