6 Ways to Put Your Kids First During the Busy Holiday Season

Don’t let this holiday season overwhelm you with too many details and chores.  Mighty Mommy has six tips to help you put your kids first this year so it can be memorable, merry, and bright.

Cheryl Butler,
December 5, 2016
Episode #406

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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be both exciting and exhausting. We spend so much time hurrying back and forth to run our holiday errands that we often forget to make time for our kids.

Don’t let this holiday season overwhelm you with too many details and chores. Mighty Mommy has six tips to help you put your kids first this year so it can be memorable, merry and bright.

Tip #1:  Morning Cuddles:  How we start our morning can have a tremendous impact on how the rest of our day will unfold. As my family grew from two kids to eight in less than ten years, I soon learned the importance of being organized and in control of my emotions right when I woke up. If I was cranky and scattered getting my family ready for school, many times they would follow suit. But when I wake up calm and happy and prepared to take on the day, it definitely has a ripple effect on my family. Because the holiday season is so hectic, we can easily wake up feeling overwhelmed and rushed, but if we can get into the mindset of remembering what this season is truly all about, then we can spread that good cheer to our kids and spouse. Whether you have toddlers or teens, set a loving tone for your family by waking up with gratitude for all that you and your family have in your lives. Then make a point of giving your kids a warm hug or a cuddle and spend 10-15 minutes of time connecting with them as they get ready for school. Be sure to invest some time getting organized the night before so you aren’t scurrying in the morning. Play Christmas music as your kids eat breakfast. Make the atmosphere festive and loving as you send them off to school. When you see how positively your family responds to this approach, you’ll want to start every day off with a morning cuddle and huddle! 

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Tip #2:  Learn to Say No:  I can honestly tell you that the word “no” is one of the most difficult words in the English language for me. I’ve been a people pleaser all my life so when someone has a request for me or an invitation or offer to do something, my first instinct is to say “Yes, I’d love to.” When we overextend ourselves to extra commitments, particularly during the holiday season, sooner or later we end up snapping or feeling resentful. One way to put your kids first is to stop accepting every invite that comes down the pike. If you do decide to accept invitations or sign on for extra activities, get your kids involved in the decision. 

Tip #3: Make Sunday Family Time: We all want our kids to have as many experiences and advantages as possible, so we sign them up for Karate, art lessons, piano, soccer, baseball, scouts, swim lessons—the list goes on and on.  Regardless of whether it’s your child begging to join all these activities or if you and your spouse feel they need to be exposed to as many opportunities as possible, step back and take a close look at how much time all of these commitments take, particularly the ones that involve Sunday practices or games.  Instead of carting your child off to a Sunday lacrosse practice, carve out two or three Sundays during the holiday season simply to spend time as a family. Make gingerbread houses together, watch the Polar Express and make cocoa from scratch.  Ask your kids what they would love to do as a family.  Maybe they’d like to go drive through town and take in all the Christmas lights and decorations. When your kids know that you are making family time a priority, they will realize how important they are to you during the holidays and well after.  See Also:  5 Ways to Add Magic To Your Child's Holiday


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