10 Creative Ideas for Your New Year’s Eve Party

Happy New Year! New Year’s Eve is a time to party, so you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping Champagne fizzy, how much booze to buy, fun and easy ways to count down to midnight, and more. Check out these tips and get ready to have fun!

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Smart Tips and Creative Ideas for Any New Year’s Eve Party

What to Do If Your Champagne Isn’t Fizzy Anymore

Champagne lost its fizz? Place a raisin in the glass and the last bits of carbon dioxide that remain will cling to the raisin, then be released again as bubbles. You can also try throwing a few raisins into the bottle before you make the final pour.

How Much Booze and Ice You Should Buy

Having a party and wanting to know how much you should buy? Check out our posts on how much alcohol to buy for a party and how much ice to buy for a party.

Balloon-Popping Countdown

We love shaking up our New Year’s parties by incorporating some creative spirit into the mix. Here’s a great idea to keep things exciting: On separate slips of paper, write down one activity per hour of the party—for example “Dance, dance, dance!” or “Karaoke time!” Insert each note into a balloon, then blow it up! Write a time on the outside of each balloon, and when that hour arrives during the party, pop the balloon and begin the designated activity. The balloon-popping countdown to midnight and the spontaneity of the party will be super-fun for everyone. This is an especially fun activity for kids—try popping a bunch of bubble wrap as one of the activities!

Easy DIY “Wine Tags”

Want a fun and easy way to tell your guests’ drinks apart? Instead of buying drink tags, which label whose drink is whose, simply have a dry-erase or child’s marker on-hand and have guests write their names (or a funny message) right on their glass. It will wipe right off after the party. Or, put the sudden end of your child’s Silly Bandz obsession to good use by putting the fun rubberbands around the stems of wine glasses so your guests can tell whose are whose. Or, if your party takes place around a holiday, use plastic decals that you’d usually use as window decorations!

DIY Noisemakers

Why buy noisemakers at the store when you can make your own at home? Check out these easy noisemakers you can make yourself.

Keep Wine Fresh

The secret to keeping leftover wine fresh is removing the air. Instead of buying an expensive vacuum sealer, go the easy route: just put the leftover wine in a mason jar and shut the lid. It will lessen the amount of air your wine is exposed to and keep it fresher longer.

Ice Bucket Trick

It’s nice to keep an ice bucket next to your drinks on the table, but once the ice melts you’re left with a few cubes soaking in a puddle of water. To fix this problem, place a colander on the top of your ice bucket and fill it with the ice. Water will drip through the bottom, and the ice will be easier to grab with some tongs.

Creative Dip Display

Here’s a great way to display dip on your table. Cut off the top of a bell pepper, then hollow it out and spoon your dip inside. You can also use a sturdy bread like pumpernickel as a hollowed-out dip container. Put spinach dip inside, then cut the bread you removed into large cubes and use for dipping. Or, use a hollowed-out melon to hold fruit.

Keep Party Food Fresh

To keep meat or cheese hors d’oeuvres moist, cover them with a damp paper towel, then cover loosely with plastic wrap. Many fillings (as well as bread) dry out very quickly, but with this tip, you can make these simple appetizers first and have them ready on the table when guests arrive.

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