6 Holiday Travel Tips You Never Knew You Needed

Traveling during the holidays can be stressful. Use these six tips to make things easier.

Amanda Thomas
Episode #231

Borrow Winter Gear

Just like you can rent baby and kid items for your trip, consider borrowing winter gear if the place you are visiting is significantly colder than where you live. When we travel from Arizona to South Dakota, we almost always have my parents bring us winter coats when they pick us up from the airport. Since we don’t have heavy duty winter coats in Arizona, we would have to buy them and then somehow get them to fit in our luggage if my parents didn’t do this.

If you don’t have friends or family who can lend you winter items, do what one of my friends does: Buy them at a thrift store. When her 3 sons were young, this was especially useful because the boys grew so fast it didn’t make sense to buy full-price winter clothing for the 1 or 2 times a year they would need to use the gear. The first day they arrived to colder weather, she would go to a thrift store and buy coats and boots for each of the boys to use during their trip. The items were then donated back before they left for home. It was a cheap and easy way to save money on winter gear, as well as cut down on how much they needed to pack in their luggage.

Ship Your Gifts

Speaking of packing your luggage, it can be challenging to fit gifts in the luggage when you also need to pack warm pants, sweaters, and other cold weather clothes. Plus, those fees for having an extra bag or your checked bag being over the allowable weight can add up. If you have a number of gifts that need to get across the country with you, consider shipping them instead. The US Postal Service is still relatively inexpensive, and shipping a box of gifts means one less thing you need to haul through the airport or in your trunk.

If you’re doing a lot of online shopping, you can also have the items shipped straight to your destination instead of having them shipped to your home. If you choose this option, just make sure to have them shipped to the home of someone you trust won’t open them to peek!

Wrap When You Arrive

Unless you choose to ship a box of gifts to your destination, plan to wrap them when you arrive instead of before you leave. If you are flying, TSA has the right to open each and every gift in your luggage to make sure things are safe to fly. Plan for this slight inconvenience and pack unwrapped gifts in your carryon bag to ensure the gifts don’t get lost by the airline. Just make sure to pack a change of clothes for each person in your group in another carry-on bag in case your checked luggage flies to a different city than you do.

These are the tips we follow to help make things easier when we travel, but this holiday season we are staying at home, celebrating as a newly formed family of three. If you want to see how we spend our first holiday season with our son, follow me on Instagram, where I post lots of cute baby pictures!

Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home.


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