DIY Gift: Chalkboard Mug

Need a quick and easy homemade gift? Check out Domestic CEO's tips for making a unique chalkboard mug.

Amanda Thomas
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I’m not sure what it is about the holidays, but around December, I always think that I need to be a crafty person. Truth be told, I have the artistic ability of a 4th grader, but I have found a few fun things that I can actually make to gift to my friends and family.

If you’re like me and prefer to give the special people in your life something unique, created especially for them, then this chalkboard mug is the perfect gift. Plus, it’s really cute, and you can personalize it with a special message for the recipient.

Chalkboard Mug

Here’s what you’ll need to make this adorable gift:

  • White coffee mug (I got mine for $1 each, which was great considering one became a “practice” mug!)
  • Black chalkboard paint
  • Foam brush

Once you've assembled the items, decide where you want the chalkboard paint to be on the mug. I bought two different white mugs I got from the dollar store: one plain and the other with a little dotted band around the top.

I decided to work on the plain one first, which became my practice mug. I followed directions that I found online that said to use painters tape to tape off a square to paint with the chalkboard paint. As you can see at right, that didn’t work very well!

I also found out that the directions about letting the paint cure for at least an hour are serious. Attempting to add a second coat too soon will only cause chunks of your first coat to come off on the brush. Be patient and watch the paint dry.

Since taping off a shape didn’t work, I figured I could probably draw a somewhat decent rectangle freehand. I had already screwed up one side, so I just turned the mug aroundand practiced on the other side. Success! I was now confident enough to attempt Mug #2.

This one was slightly more fun, with a little bumpy border near the top. I used my newly-found freehand painting skills to fill in the space with the chalkboard paint. It ended up looking great.

Reminder: Please be sure to check that the paint you use is non-toxic, since someone’s lips would be touching it!

To finish off the gift, simply grab a stick of chalk or a chalkboard marker, and write a message on the mug. You can even include some hot chocolate mix, coffee, or tea to go with the mug. And be sure to let the recipient know this is a handwash-only item.

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