How to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

The holidays are almost here! But if you're having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, Domestic CEO has 7 small changes you can make to your home and habits to start enjoying the season right away.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #87

Tip #4: Turn Up the Tunes

Now here’s the ultimate way to put yourself in the holiday spirit: go for some holiday tunes!  From classic favorites such as Bing Crosby's holidasy collections, to your favorite contemporary artists' Christmas albums, there are tons of holiday tunes to choose from.

After Thanksgiving, many radio stations change over to playing only holiday music. Look online to see if they’re streaming and listen to it during your work day. Apps like Pandora or Spotify are great choices too. Similar to decorations, holiday foods, and holiday drinks, don’t go overboard on the music. You don’t want to be annoyed by the time the holidays arrive, so pick and choose just a few times when you'll tune in.

Tip #5: Adjust Your Entertainment

Many channels such as Hallmark, Lifetime, and ABC Family start showing holiday films a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Set your DVR (or just set some time aside) to record or watch the movies that’ll help you feel less like Scrooge.  And don’t forget your personal collection! Classic movies like It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, or even Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause are all great choices.

If you don’t want to turn on your fireplace, or you don't have a fireplace, Netflix’s Fireplace for Your Home is a three-part set of hour-long “episodes” that feature a traditional crackling fire (without the smoke, smell, or ash).  

If you love to read, read books and magazines that are dedicated to the holidays or happen to be set around the winter season. Never had a chance to read Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? If you have a tablet or an e-reader, check and see if it’s one of the many free books offered. Go to a used book store to find a copy or purchase a cheap one online.

Tip #6: Find Religion

If you grew up in an organized religion and haven’t visited a place of worship for awhile, the holidays are a great time to rejoin. Many religious institutions hold holiday programs, including musicals, choir cantatas, or even organize caroling excursions around town. Following the routines and traditions from your childhood can help you start to get back into the spirit of the season.

You might have to try a few different churches or synagogues to find the right one for you, but after a few tries, you will hopefully land in the one that helps you remember the reasons for the season.

Tip #7: Volunteer

And last, but definitely not least, take some time to volunteer this holiday season. Giving back is an excellent way to take the focus off yourself and instead work on helping others. It’s easy to get stressed out during the holiday time, so taking a few hours to volunteer with those less fortunate than you will help you realize how many blessings you have in your life.

Now you have a few ideas on how to add a little holiday spirit and cheer to your days. What do you do to welcome in the season? Share your tips and holiday secrets on my Facebook wall, or tweet me @thedomesticceo.

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