5 Winter Clothing Tips That Will Change the Way You Bundle Up

Want to know how to survive winter? Here's how to bundle up for warmth and get dressed so you're ready to face the cold.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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5 Winter Clothing Tips that Will Change the Way You Bundle Up

Winterize Your Shoes

To protect your leather shoes from getting damaged and stained by too much rock salt in the winter months, coat them with hair conditioner and let it soak in. The conditioner will repel the salt, and help keep them supple. Already have salt stains on your shoes? Rub white vinegar on them to get the stains off.

Quickest Way to Dry Gloves

You’ve just come in from outside, and your snowy gloves have quickly turn into sopping wet ones. To dry them out in time for your next excursion into the winter air, pull them over the bottom of a jar, then place the jar upside down on top of a radiator or heating vent. The warm air will fill the jar and dry out your gloves much faster than simply placing them somewhere warm.

Duct Tape to the Rescue

Make your winter shoes or boots a little warmer—and make sure they’re completely waterproof—by lining the bottom of the insides with duct tape. The tape will create a waterproof seal, and the shiny silver will reflect your body heat back onto your feet. You can also use duct tape to make your slippers waterproof (and therefore safe to wear on a quick trip outdoors): simply cover the bottoms with overlapping layers of duct tape.

Revive Water-Resistant Items

Do you have a winter coat that used to be water resistant, but has lost its effectiveness over time? Set your hair dryer to its highest setting and blow air evenly over it. The warmth will reactivate the coating on the cloth that makes it repel water, at least for another couple of months. This trick also works on backpacks, tents, and other water-resistant items!

Make Your Own Headphone Ear Muffs

You like listening to your music while you walk, but it’s so cold out you need earmuffs! Not surprisingly, some genius has devised a way to sew your headphones into your earmuffs to make “Muff Fones.” You can find the instructions here.

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