7 Car Hacks for Winter Weather

Wondering how to keep car windows from freezing in the winter? Here are seven car tricks for removing frost, creating unlikely shovels, and finding more quick solutions for winter weather auto problems.
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7 Car Hacks for Winter Weather

Stuck in Snow?

If your car gets stuck in an icy patch and your wheels aren’t getting any traction, help free it by using your car’s floor mats. Take them out and place under the tires, then drive to a safe place, retrieve the mats, and be on your way.

DIY Impromptu Shovel

Stuck in the snow (or mud) with no way to dig yourself out? A shovel may be closer than you think. Just remove your hubcap and use it instead.

Keep Car Doors from Freezing Shut

It’s hard enough having to dig out your driveway and scrape off your car after a snowstorm. Save yourself the trouble of worrying about car doors freezing closed by spraying WD-40 in the lining. One spray in the beginning of the winter should be all you need to repel ice.

Keep Ice Off Your Windshield and Mirrors

If you have to leave your car outside overnight in the winter, you can still keep your windshields ice- and frost-free. When the forecast calls for ice or snow, protect your car by placing two old bath towels across your windshield, then wrap your windshield wipers and side mirrors with plastic grocery bags. When it’s time to drive, simply remove and you’re ready to go, no scraping!

What to Do if You Don’t Have an Ice Scraper

Empty CD jewel cases always seem to be lying around when you don’t need them—but here’s one time you might. If you can’t find your ice scraper one morning, grab a jewel case and scrape away to get those frosty winter windows clear.

Quick Way to Remove Frost

Instead of scraping frost from your car’s windows and windshield, spray them with rubbing alcohol when you go out to start up your car. By the time you come back to drive, the frost will easily wipe away.

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Keep Locks from Freezing

Here’s an old tip that still applies to those who don’t have keyless entry: To keep your car’s door locks safe from freezing with ice during the cold winter months, place a refrigerator magnet over the lock. You can even take an old magnet (last year’s calendar from a local realtor, perhaps) and cut it into a circle that fits perfectly.

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