7 Ways to Revamp Your Window Treatments

Have your drapes got you down? Clean your blinds, mend your curtains, or make your own drapes so the window treatments around your house can start bringing you joy (and shade) instead of frustration.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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7 Ways to Revamp Your Window Treatments

Raise the Rod

Who knew your windows will appear larger—and will let a little more light into the room—if you just raise the curtain rod a few inches? You’ll be surprised how much difference this makes.

Make Curtains Stay Put

You don’t have to tie-up flyaway curtains to get them to stay in place. A marble or a few coins sewn into the lining will keep them weighted down for a more elegant look. In some cases you can simply drop the coins or marbles inside. If the hem is sew shut you can make a little split, drop the weights in, and sew the lining back up.

The Best Way to Clean Blinds

Sometimes, all your window treatments need is a good cleaning. Here are the easiest ways to clean blinds, even if they’re super-dirty.

Easy Fix for Broken Blind Slats

Vertical blinds can be pricey, so it’s incredibly frustrating when one of the holes in the plastic slats gets ripped open, causing all or part of the slat to fall off. It turns out the fix to this common blinds problem is quite simple: Use a paperclip! Use a paperclip to bridge the gap over the ripped part of the slat, then superglue the slat back together while paperclip is holding it in place. Paperclips are also a great fix for broken vertical blinds.

DIY Drapes

Here’s the thing about drapes: They’re expensive, and a cheaper option is usually available. If you can sew, simply buy a nice, heavy piece of fabric, hem the sides and bottom, and cut Xs instead of holes on top. Run ribbon through the Xs and hang on a rod! Another less-expensive option is a fabric shower curtain. The holes are already there, so just cut to size. Hem the bottom for a more finished look.

Surprising Secret to Wrinkle-Free Curtains

Need to wash your sheer curtains but hate the thought of ironing them afterwards? Simply dissolve a packet of clear gelatin in the final rinse when laundering, and hang them up damp afterwards. The gelatin will remove almost all the wrinkles.

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