14 Places Where Dirt Hides in Your Home

Think your house is clean? Think again! Here are the 14 places where dirt likes to hide and how best to clean them.

Amanda Thomas
6-minute read
Episode #128


  • Lampshades can collect dust and cobwebs like no other and quite often you don’t notice this until guests are arriving at your front door. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to suck up any loose dirt, dust, or cobwebs. If you’ve got pet hair or stubborn dirt that the vacuum can’t remove, use a lint roller and roll over the entire area of the shade. If you notice telltale fingerprints on a lampshade, use a small amount of dish soap in warm water and a white cloth to dab at the stain. Be sure to wring out as much liquid as possible from your cloth before working at the stain.

  • Windowsills and window tracks quite often get ignored in the regular cleaning process. If you’ve got blinds or shutters that rarely get opened or raised, you’ll be shocked at the amount of dirt accumulated on those window sills. This is the perfect chore to pair with blind or shutter cleaning or when you’re removing window treatments for cleaning. Use the vacuum brush attachment to suck up most of the dirt and use a gentle all-purpose cleaner like Method or Krud Kutter to spritz on any remaining dirt. Wipe with a damp cloth to finish. Open the windows to clean the tracks with the same process.

  • Entry doors and thresholds are the first point of entry for incoming dirt. When cleaning the door be sure to include the entire doorway, threshold and all, as well. Give the entire door, front and back, a thorough scrubbing with a mild all-purpose cleaner or use a bucket of soapy water. Employ an old toothbrush to scrub hinges and door handles, too. If you’ve got raised-panel doors, be sure to clean each panel completely.

  • Speakers are almost always ignored when it comes to cleaning; especially if the speaker is tucked back in the corner of a room. Vacuuming can remove some dust but a damp cloth will do a complete job. Make sure you wipe down the entire speaker, front and back.

  • Throws, afghans, and throw pillows are a germ’s best friend. Wash these cozy favorites at least once a month to rid them of any lingering germs or smells. Check labels for washing instructions. If possible wash in very hot water with an extra rinse. If you are unsure of the washing instructions, take them to the dry cleaner for a deep cleaning. Down pillows and throws need special treatment that only a professional dry cleaner can provide.

  • Computer keyboards and remote controls are dirt, dust, and germ magnets. Use a can of compressed air cleaner or an actual keyboard vacuum, or do as I do – turn off your computer, vacuum the keyboard with the brush attachment, and wipe down with an antibacterial cleaning wipe.  Use those same wipes to clean remote controls as well (front, back, and sides).

  • Hanging light fixtures trap a good amount of dirt and dead bugs (fun!). Again, the vacuum with a brush attachment is perfect for sucking up all that gross stuff. Use a damp cloth to wipe down all surfaces to remove every last bit of grime.

  • Clean the tops and bottoms of things. By that I mean clean things like the top of the refrigerator, the top of high shelving units, the vent above the stove. Vacuum or run a dust mop under the fridge and under furniture that has a low profile like a shelf with feet. While you are down there, wipe down the baseboards and follow-up with a swipe from a dryer sheet. Look high and low in your home to find places that don’t get a regular cleaning. Use the vacuum, a duster, and soapy water to clean those neglected surfaces.

  • Obviously, I’ve given you quite a list of chores. Don’t tackle everything in one fell swoop - you'll get overwhelmed. Either clean one room at a time, or tackle one chore at a time. Personally, I like cleaning one room at a time so I am not hauling my vacuum and cleaning supplies all over the place. Turn on some fun music to make the job a little less painful. Set a personal time limit so you don’t feel like your entire day is filled with the drudgery of cleaning. If it still seems too daunting, hire a home cleaning service to handle those out-of-the-ordinary cleaning jobs for you.

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