5 Laundry Room Essentials

Overwhelmed by laundry? Domestic CEO has the 5 things you need to make laundry day a cinch. 

Amanda Thomas
6-minute read
Episode #31

Tip #4: One Basket Per Person

Once you’re done folding, the little stacks of clean clothes can be placed into a basket for each person in the house. Whether you have 2 or 12 people living in your home, I recommend having a basket for each person. That way, when everything is folded, you can grab the basket and take it straight to the room of the wearer. You can put everything away, or if you want to divide the chores (as Mighty Mommy recommends), require each family member to put away their own clothes. This may take a little incentivizing in the beginning, especially for teenagers, but you can make it part of their allowance—an empty basket for a few bucks. Just make sure to keep cash on hand so they can get an immediate reward, and double check that the clothes are actually put away, not just thrown in a pile in the bottom of the closet. (I’ve seen it all, folks.)

Tip #5: Commitment and Routine

Finally, the most important things you need to keep your laundry room tidy are commitment and routine. No matter how great of a setup you have, or how many amazing laundry gadgets you own, if you aren’t committed to doing the laundry all the way through, you’re going to have a disaster. Before you even start a load, make sure that you’ll have the time to dry, fold, and put it away that same day. I allow myself to watch trashy TV while the washer and dryer are running, and I fold during the commercials. It’s my way of rewarding myself for making sure our clothes are taken care of. Or you could follow Mighty Mommy’s example and listen to audiobooks or podcasts while you’re doing the laundry. Whatever you decide to do, come up with a way to make laundry day fun, and I promise those 3 (or 10) loads won’t seem so bad.

Now that you know the 5 things every laundry room needs, all you need is a little motivation to get started. Kick everyone out of the house, put on some music or guilty pleasure TV, and get started. In no time, you’ll have a solid routine that will keep your spouse from asking, “Where’s my shirt?” and a tidy laundry room that’ll make your friends and neighbors jealous.

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Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home.

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