6 Cleaning Mistakes You're Making in Your Home

Are you making any of these 6 mistakes when cleaning your home?

Amanda Thomas
7-minute read
Episode #167

Mistake #4 – Not Cleaning Your Cleaning Supplies

This is a mistake that can, and should, gross you out. Your cleaning supplies do a lot of nasty things for you, so it’s important to clean them on a regular basis. Some cleaning tools, like a vacuum, stop functioning until they are cleaned out, but others just harbor germs and grime silently. When you use a scrub brush, sponge, or rag to clean a dirty surface, the cleaning tools don’t have magic powers to make the germs disappear. They have to be cleaned regularly to prevent just spreading the germs around.

Solution: The good news is that most cleaning tools are washable. Anything made out of fabric, like mop heads and cleaning towels, can go through the washer and dryer to get them cleaned out. Nearly everything else can be washed in the dishwasher. Simply load it up and run a sanitizing cycle. The super hot water will disinfect everything from scrub brushes to sponges to buckets. It’s a fast, easy way to clean your cleaning supplies on a regular basis.

Mistake #5 – Using Too Much Product

If a little spray is good, then using a whole lot of spray must be better, right? WRONG! Most cleaning products require very little product to get the job done. Using too much will leave a film that you can sometimes see, but will more likely be able to feel or hear. If your floor squeaks when you walk across it, you likely have a residue of cleaning product on it. If your counters feel sticky after you cleaned them, you probably used too much surface cleaner. And if your fingers feel like they have something on them after you touch your laundry, you probably used too much detergent or fabric softener. Residue on your surfaces and fabrics will cause them to attract more dirt and even wear them down quicker.

Solution: Read the label to make sure you aren’t using more than the recommended amount of cleaner. Another thing you can do to ensure you aren’t overusing product is to always spray your cleaning rag instead of the surface you’re cleaning. This is especially true when using any oil based cleaners or polishes, such as wood furniture polish or stainless steel cleaner. A little bit of these cleaning products goes a long way, so by spraying the rag you’ll be able to see results, without having a greasy film on the surfaces.

Mistake #6 – Forgetting the Really Germy Areas

Imagine that you and your family’s hands were covered in orange paint for a day. No matter what you do, the orange paint is going to get on everything that you touch. In your mind, go through your daily routine, and think about all the places that you are going to leave orange paint throughout the day. Think of all the light switches you touch, door handles you grab, and buttons you push. How would you clean differently if you were leaving orange paint on every surface you touch?

In reality, most germs are spread by our hands, just like the orange paint, but they aren’t as visually obvious. You wipe your kid’s nose, then you touch a door handle. You sneeze, then you pick up the remote control. So, why is it that when most people clean, they only spray down a counter and wipe it quickly with a rag. What about the faucet handles, the light switches, and the door knobs? They often get left with a germy residue that goes from one person to the next.

Solution: Now that I have you properly grossed out, I’ll tell you that this is a very easy thing to fix by simply walking around your home with a cleaning towel that has been sprayed with a natural disinfectant and quickly wiping each light switch, door handle, and remote. If you like to delegate the cleaning tasks in your home, this is a very easy one for kids to do. Have them focus on one thing at a time, like light switches, show them how to wipe them down, and then set them free. The next day, they can do another task, and so on.

So, those are the most common cleaning mistakes I see people making in homes. How did you do? Are you a cleaning master, or do you have a few changes to make to your routine? For more cleaning tips, make sure to check out my Cleaning Ideas board on Pinterest.

Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home!