7 Household Items That Will Clean Your Mirror

If you've run out of glass cleaner but the streaks on your mirrors are driving you mad, don't fret! We have 7 ways you can clean your mirrors with household items. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Try a mirror miracle

Make your mirrors shine with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Use old newspapers to wipe mirrors with the mix, then add extra shine by rubbing with a clean dry-erase or blackboard eraser.

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Shine glass

Spray weak tea onto windows and mirrors, then wipe with a clean cloth and watch all kinds of smudges and gunk disappear.

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Steam it streak-free

A handheld clothes steamer can help you sanitize and get a streak-free shine on your mirrors and windows. Just steam from top to bottom, then simply squeegee downward.

Clear the film

Cleaning agents can leave a thin film on mirrors. Brighten them by rubbing with a cloth dampened with alcohol.

Cleaner in a teacup

Here’s an all-natural way to clean your mirror that will also give it a spotless shine: Wipe the mirror with a clean cloth dipped in strong, cool tea. Buff with a dry cloth and you’re done!

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Shine you can smell

For a unique cleaner for the mirrors around your home, use aerosol air freshener. It will bring your mirrors to a glossy shine and will have people wondering where that flowery scent is coming from.

Stop the streaks

If you’ve ever noticed streaks in your bathroom mirror the day after you clean it, you’ll love this tip. When cleaning the bathroom, always wear a dark shirt. Streaks are much easier to spot when the mirror is reflecting something dark.

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