8 Clever Laundry Hacks for Busy Parents

Make laundry day easier for your family with these tips from Domestic CEO.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #191

Tip #4: Use a Salad Spinner with Hand Wash Items

I always struggled when it came to hand washing my delicates. When they are in the sink, I didn’t feel like I was doing enough to agitate the water and get the clothes clean. Then, when I would wring them out, I don’t want to stretch the items, so I’m often hanging dripping wet clothing up to dry. It just didn’t seem to be a good method.

If you share in this struggle, you are going to love this tip. Get a salad spinner, and use it for your delicates. You can add the few pieces of clothing, the water, and a little bit of detergent to the spinner. Swish them around with your hand a bit, then put on the lid, and use the crank to agitate the basket back and forth. After you drain the bowl of water, use the crank again to spin the extra water out of the clothes. It’s gentler than putting the items in the washer, and it will get them clean and ready to hang dry in no time.

Tip #5: Store Detergent Jugs on a Towel

I hate seeing detergent run down the side of the jug. Not only does it make a huge mess on the laundry room shelves, but it also is a waste of detergent. Sure, there are liners that you can keep under the jug, but that still means that you are losing a few loads of detergent from each jug.

Kill two birds with one stone by placing a hand towel under the jug each week. The towel will catch all the drips going down the side, and then the following week you can just toss the towel into the wash instead of pouring a capful in. It might take a couple weeks for a usable amount of detergent to collect, but when you toss that towel into the washer you can be sure you’re getting use of every last drop of detergent in that jug!

Tip #6: Create a Lost Sock Bin

Without fail, socks get lost in the laundry. Whether they are hiding under a bed, behind the hamper, or in the crevices of the dryer, you want to hold on to the sock you have in case the missing sock comes back soon. The challenge can be when you find the missing sock, only to realize that the other sock is now missing instead.

To keep all the single socks wrangled, create a lost sock bin or basket in your laundry room. As soon as you realize you have a sock missing its mate, toss it in to the bin. It will stay safely there until its mate magically reappears. There are always going to be socks whose mates don’t show up. I’m not sure how it happens, or where these socks go, but it’s a fact of life. In those cases, use those single socks for dusters or sock puppets. It will give them purpose again and will help you clear out the sock bin.