8 Clever Laundry Hacks for Busy Parents

Make laundry day easier for your family with these tips from Domestic CEO.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #191

Tip #7: Use a Dry Erase Marker to Communicate No-Dry Items

My husband and I both have items that we don’t like to have dried in the dryer. While we are both very aware these items exist, it’s not always easy to remember which items need to get pulled out of the load before moving it to the dryer. Enter a common household item: A dry erase marker.

As you’re putting items into the washer, write on the washer which items need to get pulled out to hang or lay flat to dry. That way, no matter who pulls the clothes from the washer, the items can be safely pulled and set aside instead of going into the dryer.

One quick bonus tip, make sure the spot that you choose to write on is very smooth and still has its coating on it. When I tested this tip, I first wrote on a section of the washer that had its shiny coating rubbed off. Now I have a small gray spot on my washer, and am hoping my husband doesn’t notice so I can pretend I didn’t make that mistake. Feel for the shiny layer, and test a spot before writing yourself a big message.

Tip #8: Sort Laundry When You Take Off Your Clothes

I don’t know about you, but I really hate sorting dirty laundry. Who wants to dig through dirty clothes, touching sweaty, smelly items, just to get them into the right load? Blech! Save yourself the process of sorting by training all the members of your family to sort their clothes when they take them off each. Buy and label a divided laundry hamper, or buy 2 baskets (one white, and one a color) to help remind everyone where their darks and lights go. It’s a simple change that can save you oodles of sorting time each week.

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