8 Things People with Clean Homes Do

What do people who have clean homes have in common with each other? These eight things!

Amanda Thomas
7-minute read
Episode #201

8.) They Are OK with “Good Enough”

Have you ever put off starting a project because you started thinking about how much work it was going to take? In your head, you probably started coming up with all the details the project would need, including how much time it would take and effort it would consume to get the job done right. After a few minutes of thinking about the complexity of the project, you realized that you don’t have enough time to do it the right way, so you put it off to be done later. Sound familiar?

This happens all the time with people when it comes to cleaning. They think they need to do it “perfectly,” so they don’t do anything at all. Here’s my final secret about people who have clean homes: They are ok with “good enough.” They may not scrub the toilet with a toothbrush, but that’s ok because at least they wiped the seat. They may not have washed all the windows in the house, but at least they got the finger prints off the sliding glass door. By accepting things to be done good enough for the time being, they actually often have cleaner homes than the people who are aiming for perfection.

You may have noticed a theme with these tips that people with clean homes actually put in less effort, less time, and care less about perfection in their homes. It’s an ironic truth that I’ve seen over and over again, so if you are beating yourself up about the condition of your home, give yourself a little slack. Everyone gets behind on their household chores from time to time, so acknowledge that you’ve had more important things going on, but commit to getting into a routine that will get your home back to clean one task at a time.

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