9 Genius Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

These nine tips might make you hate cleaning a little less.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #190

I don’t know many people who really enjoy cleaning their homes. There are a few people out there who use their cleaning time to clear their head, but for the most part, people see cleaning their home as a must-do activity rather than a let’s-do activity.

To make cleaning your home easier, here’s a list of nine cleaning hacks that will cut your cleaning time and make the jobs easier each time you clean.

1.) Vacuum Your Blinds Before Dusting

Whether you have 2” faux-wood blinds, metal mini blinds, or wooden shutters, they can be a beast to keep clean. Dust loves to settle on the blinds, and with all the little pieces they can be a pain to clean. My advice? Close them, vacuum them, then give them a quick wipe down.

Grab your vacuum and its brush attachment, then close your blinds so they are in the “down” position. You should be able to run your hand from top to bottom over the blinds easily in this position. Start at the top and use the brush attachment on your vacuum to move across the slats to suck up the majority of the dust. Then grab a very lightly damp rag and wipe from top to bottom again to get the finer dust removed.

What you will notice is that most of the blind slats look pretty clean, but they each have a strip of dust where they were overlapped. To easily fix this, turn your blinds to the “up” position and wipe them from top to bottom on the BACK side (the side the faces the window). In just a few minutes, you’ll have removed nearly all, if not all the dust from your blinds.

2.) Use a Pillowcase to Clean Ceiling Fans

This is one of my favorite cleaning hacks. I used to use an extendable duster to clean my ceiling fans, but it would drive me nuts when I’d see the dust falling on to my floors and furniture. Now, instead of a duster, I grab an old pillowcase and a step ladder and use them to clean my ceiling fans instead.

It’s so easy. Just carefully climb up on your step ladder, put the pillowcase over one blade of the ceiling fan, and then wipe the top and bottom of the blade from where it attaches to the mechanism out to the end of the blade. The dust will magically fall into the pillowcase, never to touch your floors or furniture. When you’re done with all your fans, you can take the pillowcase outside to shake it, then toss it in the next load of laundry.

3.) Line Fridge Shelves with Press ‘N Seal

It seems like no matter how hard you try to keep them clean, fridge shelves accumulate drips and sticky stuff that requires a bunch of scrubbing to clean. To prevent the gunk from gathering on your fridge shelves, line them with Press ‘N Seal after you wipe them down the next time. That way, when you notice they are starting to get messy, you can easily lift away the dirty liner and replace it with new, clean liner. It’s super easy, and will save you oodles of time cleaning your fridge.