9 Tricks to Cleaning Your Fridge (and Keeping It Clean)

Does looking into your messy fridge make you cringe? Mighty Mommy shares 9 ways to embrace National Clean Out Your Fridge Day—just in time for Thanksgiving!

Cheryl Butler
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5. Vacuum Condenser Coils

You're almost done—but not until you get out your vacuum. Dust builds up underneath and behind your fridge on a part known as the condenser coils. When that happens, the unit can’t work efficiently and release the built up heat.

According to tips shared by familyhandyman.com you can “eliminate more than 70 percent of service calls with this simple cleaning step.” For some, this is removing the grille at the bottom of the fridge and accessing the coils there. With newer appliances, however, these coils are usually located in the back, so the fridge would have to be rolled out to be cleaned properly. Here’s a helpful video for more information on keeping your coils clean.

6. Reorganize Your Clean Space

Once your refrigerator is clean and sparkling, place the crispers and shelves back and assess your space. Think about what works for your family—can they easily access popular items like milk and condiments? Can the crispers be arranged differently so your fresh veggies don’t grow fur? This is the perfect opportunity to arrange the food and jars in a way that functions best for your family.

7. Stock Up With Fresh Food

Once the job of cleaning your fridge and freezer is over, now comes the fun part—restocking with fresh food. You may have had to ditch 50% of the items once stored in there, so make a list of what needs replacing and promise yourself you won’t purchase groceries that would just take up space and not be eaten.

This is really a wonderful opportunity to think about the recipes you’d like to serve going forward. Now you have a fresh start, so you can get creative all while keeping everything tidy and organized.

8. Plan a Special Dinner to Celebrate

National Clean out Your Fridge Day is a holiday, so why not celebrate the fruits of your labor? Cook up a special dinner for your family and let them see how fantastic your crystal-clean refrigerator looks. More importantly, ask them to be mindful of the time you just invested in getting it to look this way and enlist their help to maintain it. (The empty carton of milk can be thrown out rather than shoved back in.)

9. Maintain Your Efforts

Though November 15th is the focal point of this holiday, now that your fridge is clean and tidy, make it a point to keep it that way. Get into the habit of maintaining your efforts every couple of months so when November does roll around next year, your work will be cut in half, and you can spend more time celebrating.

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