11 Powers of Petroleum Jelly

From household repairs to beauty hacks, find out why you should be using petroleum jelly for more than just cuts and burns.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
2-minute read

Petroleum jelly has long been labeled as a miracle product. Here's how you can start using its healing and protectant powers in your home.

Household Helper

1. Solution for Sticky Jars
To stop the lids of honey, molasses, and other sweet stuff from sticking, rub a little petroleum jelly on the rim of the jar when you first open it. The petroleum jelly will lubricate the threads of the jar so it won’t stick anymore. This tip works great on nail polish bottles, too!

2. Another Ring Solution
Ring stuck on your finger? Petroleum jelly can act as lubricant to help it slide off.

3. Get the Gum Off
Find gum stuck under a table or on other wood furniture? Slather the wad with some petroleum jelly, then rub in until the gum starts to disintegrate.

4. New Life for Leather
Stain on your leather? Rub a bit of petroleum jelly into the area and let set for 5 minutes. Stains should rub right off. Just lackluster appearance from wear? Use petroleum jelly on leather as a conditioner or polish—works on jackets, purses, shoes, belts, baseball mitts, and more.

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Health And Beauty

5. No More Shampoo Tears
Stop the shampoo tears without buying a special formula! Just rub a good amount of petroleum jelly on your child’s eyebrows to set up a protective barrier against shampoo.

6. Whip Up Creamy Eye Shadow or Blush
You can make a simple blush, eye shadow, or lip gloss by add a bit of food coloring to petroleum jelly. So versatile!

7. Ease Painful Pads on Pets
Many dogs love to play outside in the snow, but their paws can cause them pain if ice starts to build up between their pads. Before heading out for a winter walk, rub some petroleum jelly between each pad. The ice will stay away and your dog can enjoy the outdoors! If your poor pet’s pads are already cracked or dry, gently rub a little petroleum jelly into her pads while she’s sleeping. Rest assured that petroleum jelly is completely safe if your pet decides she wants to lick it off later.

8. Cure “Cold Nose”
Nose sore and raw from blowing with tissues? Use a cotton swab to dab on petroleum jelly.

9. Prevent a Nosebleed
Moisturize the inside of your nostrils with a bit of petroleum jelly to keep delicate tissue from drying and cracking.

10. Help a Cut Heal
Keeping wounds moist and covered can speed healing by as much as 50 percent! Use simple petroleum jelly to keep it moist, then cover with a bandage. Wash and repeat each day to minimize scarring.

11. Relieve Windburn
Petroleum jelly is gentle enough to moisturize delicate areas of your face. So go ahead and enjoy that hike on a cool day!

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