How to Remove Candle Wax

If you’ve spilled or splattered candle wax on your carpet, clothing, couch, wood floor, wall, table, or even on the candle itself, we’ve got you covered! To get candle wax off, just follow the easy steps below.

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Keep Wax Off Candles

How to Get Wax off Your Wood Floor

If you spilled hot wax on your wood floor, don’t panic! Make it easier to remove by softening it with a blow dryer. Run the hair dryer over the spot until it’s warm and soft. Then peel it up with your fingers or a credit card. If that doesn’t remove the stain, try hairspray (yes, hairspray). Just wipe it on and then off with a damp cloth.

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Getting Wax off of Fabric

Accidentally dripped candle wax on a tablecloth or your clothes? To remove candle wax from fabric, rub it with an ice cube, and then scrape it with a dull knife. Then wash on the hottest heat possible. If a stain remains, try a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid.

Wax Splatters on Furniture and Carpet

Nothing is more disheartening than discovering hot wax has just dripped onto your sofa or carpet. But there may be a way to fix it. Place a brown paper bag on top of the wax, then iron the bag with an iron set on medium heat. The wax should transfer to the bag, and you can peel it right up. Clean the remaining stain with your favorite cleaner or use a mixture of half white vinegar and half water.

Remove Wax from Glass and Other Objects

If you’ve dripped wax onto glass or plastic, just stick the item in the freezer for a couple of hours. The wax will harden and you can chip it right off.

Keep Wax Off Candles

Rub a bit of oil on candlesticks before inserting candles and they’ll be easy to remove. Any dripped wax will also peel off with ease.

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